The Intercontinental of consciences is a network of committed meditators. The network aims at gathering those who share the conviction that only a deepening of our consciences, both on the individual and collective level, will be powerful enough to inspire our commitments, in all their diversity, and repair the web of a broken world.

The network is open to anyone who shares with us an intuition and a conviction.

  • The intuition that, given the scale of the challenges we are facing today, we need to draw on our innermost ressources to « do the right act » while connecting to others in order to take action together.
    Our network aims at bringing together two families, or two sides of ourselves that sometimes seem difficult to bring together: the meditator and the activist, our interiority and our capacity to act. The tension between these two poles can be fruitful when we manage to connect them. Finding the inspiration to our actions within ourselves and enriching our meditation through our actions.
  • The conviction that a spiritual practice, whatever it is, is the source of a right action. Without it, genuine self-transcendence and true revolution are impossible because, as human beings, we tend to replicate the very same patterns that we are trying to fight. Albert Einstein said: « We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them ». Then « we cannot create a new world with the same ways of being that created and perpetuate it. »

Today, we tend to think of meditation or prayer as a solitary practice. But we are convinced that this practice actually grows stronger, the same way our capacity to act does, when we are in relationship with other seekers, other consciences who share the same intention to focus on the substance beyond the form, which sometimes separates us.

Beyond our differences, diving within our innermost self to find what unites us with ourselves, with every brother and sister in humanity and with all living things, we will be able to create, together, a harmonious world for everyone.
For those of you who relate to these words, you will find here:

  • Gathering places (venues, centres as well as private places) offering times of shared spiritual practices, whether they belong to a specific tradition or not, open to everyone and committed to let everyone practice and express their convictions freely.
  • Other meditators wishing to connect remotely or in-person through their spiritual practice.

« Anyone who raises up, elevates the world.»

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